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Wrong Rite!

2016-12-08 10:52:27 by lemon42

Brace yourself, you're about to get spooked... boo!

I made a small chiptune track for my friend's halloween themed game. Enjoy!



New song?! And it's trance?!?

2014-07-23 15:59:43 by lemon42

So I made some trance today! Have a listen!


New song!

2014-07-15 05:49:03 by lemon42

Yeah! New song! Woo!


Art, feels, comic

2014-07-15 01:44:57 by lemon42

This comic by Sheldon Comics will explain it all better than I ever could.



2014-07-05 21:08:40 by lemon42

You! Yeah, you! Go check out my new cinematic orchestral experiment!


Shoop shoop! Woop!

2014-04-07 12:01:28 by lemon42

New experimental song! Rawr!


Chiptune! Yay!

2014-03-21 10:19:10 by lemon42

Guess what!

Chiptune! :D


Moar shtuff!

2014-01-13 17:00:10 by lemon42

My new song, it's done, it's done! Finally! Been working on this for quite some time now, super happy with how it turned out!


Yeah that's it.


What? You're saying you expected a link?


Hmmm o_o


Ahhh, fine, here it is! ._. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/563269

More orchestral!

2013-09-29 16:34:57 by lemon42

Sad, mellow track.
Composed it today, weirdly enough, I'm not sad at all. Oh well, I can't start going against inspiration! :3

If you'd like to hear it, here's the link! ;D

Moody, progressive. That's it.

2013-09-18 17:15:20 by lemon42

Have a listen, if you want.