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malk - parody malk - parody

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That's awesome!

I loved it, great animating and great voice acting. Everything fit together perfectly haha!
One problem I have with this flash though is the voicing. The environment in which you recorded messed up everything. You might want to get your walls treated (so much echo!) and stand closer to the microphone maybe.

Aside from that I loved it! Great work!

gmrqor4167 responds:

But this is not my voice acting.

The Hard Chickens The Hard Chickens

Rated 1 / 5 stars

The main problem with this animation is that it lacks any substance, there's just nothing I can rely on. I mean having no story is not a big problem, being random works in some cases, but even so you have to have some kind of organization. Throwing in a few chickens swearing just isn't enough.

Audio wise, it was terrible. I mean, the audio acting was fine I guess, but your microphone, holy crap! I'm just so glad I wasn't wearing headphones! Go buy a pop filter, you can find them very easily for quite cheap. It will prevent all of that noise in your final cut. That just completely ruined it for me.

The animation was childish. The drawings felt rushed and simply looked awful. I'm not saying it was so bad you couldn't watch it -- I've seen worse. However it just didn't have anything to stand out. Sometimes the style can work but only in some very specific cases, here it clearly isn't one of those. Try working in different styles and spending more time drawing things.

Even if I overlook the drawings (I mean, I certainly wouldn't be able to do any better :P), there was no effort in actually coloring it. It looks like you used to paint bucket on every shape in there and didn't even fix the filling errors like at the beginning.

In a whole, it just lacked... so much. The jokes are not funny. The art was poor. The audio quality was poor. The acting itself wasn't great either. On a whole, you've got something that feels empty. Imagine it like if you were going to eat a burger but after the first bite stop eating it because there is no sauce in it, making it extremely dry and painful to eat. That's what would describe my experience watching this.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against you and admire your effort. What I'm saying here is you should allow yourself some more time to practice more. I was terrible at making music before, and now I'm starting to get the hang of things! Same applies here. Try new things, and most importantly: learn from others! Watching other animations and trying to mimic them will only help you. Don't be afraid to make things a bit differently; jump in! Practice makes perfect.

I know this is a poor scored review, but I don't think it deserves much more. I believe you should practice more and experiment with other things!

That said good luck, I wish you all the best for your future animations! :)

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty cool, however the movie takes too long to load for such a short animation. I can understand there is music, but it took me a while to load on my relatively good connection, so I don't know. 1.8 mb shouldn't be that bad.
Music fit the theme, and the animation was fluid. One suggestion I do have would be to make the background move up and down a bit aswell (the grass and tree blocks), to give it a tiny bit of depth in it.
Maybe make the background, the stone mountains or whatever that is, move a tiny bit less aswell.
Overall the animation is good, music fits, but overall the animation is way too repetitive. I know it's supposed to be a loop, but I mean you could use those animating skills to make a fully featured Minecraft or whatever else you want movie!

Good luck with the rest!
- lemon42

SplendidDevil responds:

Right click>Play ;)

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Last Legacy Last Legacy

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hmm... that's a though one.

I liked the platformer/RPG mix, it adds on to it a bit.. I got to the part where you learn how to use the delta. Fact is, I got bored after.

There are quite a few issues with the game.

Firstly, the controls. I swear I failed at least 4 double jumps out of 5. My timing was right but it seems the game wouldn't pick up my strokes. That kinda ruined it for me.

Second, the gameplay. It was extremely difficult to finish some bits in what I played. I had a hard time getting on the rock to get up for instance.

I was also slightly confused by the menu. Why can't you use your keyboard like in the rest of the game? I also couldn't find a way to save my progress. When I came back to my file, nothing was there. Boohoo. So I restarted.

I noticed you couldn't skip cutscenes without pressing the spacebar like a madman. That's something you'll want to allow!

That's probably all that I had to say. Most of the issues here are minor but combined really affect the whole experience. Aside from that, graphics were nice and fluid. I laughed at the little joke inside the house, too, pretty clever haha ;)

I also liked the way you allow people to choose between the arrow keys and the WASD scheme. This way everyone can play how they want, even lefties!

The game is nice but needs polish. Looking out to see more in the future.

Runouw responds:

You have to complete at least one level for it to save which levels you completed.

Just Be Yourself Just Be Yourself

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Is there an actual way to win the game? Everything seems random.

I was myself, and I haven't been able to win. I am the shy kind of person, so I kept clicking the ones with dots all the time, and if not, the ones with question marks... didn't work.

I ended up dying alone.

On another note, I did have one issue: there is no way to turn off that music. If you ask me, that's not the kind of music I'd put at my date.

I still haven't figured out how the text shown affects the state of the woman. I guess it's meant to be that way. Is it all randomly generated?

In any case, quite a nice game. Minimalist and simple, just the way I like it!

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Just A Trim Please Just A Trim Please

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Fun puzzler!

This is one of those games that truly shine in simplicity. All I can say is great job!
The whole idea is there. The gameplay is intuitive and new mechanics are introduced progressively and easiily understood.

My only concern is there is no indication of when you loose the level aside from the sound. Sure, the restart button blinks but it doesn't pop out enough. You should notify the player that he has lost and should restart. How about blinking it yellow instead?

Other than that very good game. It is cleverly designed and well thought. Good job!

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The Clairvoyant OST The Clairvoyant OST

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm sort of disappointed you didn't tell me this was FINALLY out, but I'll try not to bias my review :')

Okay so! I absolutely love that flute at the beginning. Yes, both of them. They're so perfect, the way they interact with each other is right on. I really like the swell transition, although personally after that I wouldn't have put in the harp in the background, or at least not the lower pitched one! I think it counter balances too much in the bass area. Or is that the guitar? I'm not sure, but I wouldn't have put a plucked string in there. I'm not sure what though, maybe some air instrument? I dunno!

The melody is just... hmm, how could I describe it? Majestic! That's the one. Everything just works... how do you do this?! D:

The lower part right after with the guitar melody, I always wait out for that one. Every time it's just so chill but it has some sort of energy to it, it's weird! Bagpipes fit great, though I think the mixing could've been a tad more balanced (less bagpipes, more guitar!), but maybe that's just because I love that guitar so much :p!

When you start hitting those glass mallets... wow! I'm running out of adjectives. Melody comes back in a softer, calmer tone. Slower... zen. And then those strings! The waves hitting in the background. The little chimes. I don't think I've heard this much attention to detail from any of your songs before. This is a big "step" forward! (sorry I couldn't help myself -- IT HAD TO HAPPEN OKAY)

All in all, it's great. I do think there are minor flaws but those may just be personal taste. Besides, you've worked on this for so long, you deserve to release. I remember when this was just an early prototype, it has evolved so much! I'm so glad it's arrived at this state. Please make more, this is amazing. You are amazing!

Step responds:

Oh man, I read this review like five times over, I liked it so much. Thanks man!

The woodwind at the beginning is more specifically the Jubal Flute VST by Embertone, along with a piccolo by samulis. They definitely do work well together.

I wouldn't remove the harp glissandi. I timed them with the movements of the character in the animation, and I think they're pretty nifty. I see what you mean about the lower-pitched harp though (that's actually a guitar! :p). I personally like how it sounds but I definitely think I could've made it a bit less bassy, since I didn't intend for that section to have so much bass.

Hate to toot my own horn but I actually really like the melodies I wrote here. I'm proud of them. Glad you like them too!

That guitar section is pretty neat, yeah! I was dying to continue it, but in the animation the character instantly lifted off for flight again after that brief moment of tension, so that guitar part was unfortunately short-lived.

I'm glad you like the slower section too! I never thought I was that good at writing soft music, so I'm always insecure about the quality of them.

Ooh, style points for the step pun.

Anyway, thanks for the awesome review.

The Irish War The Irish War

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good stuff!

I really like the tone of the track. It sets for an energetic feel, which is sustained by some epic melodies playing on some really nice instruments! I really like the way it's all put in together. It all works very well, I enjoyed it! However, there's still room for improvement.

Melody-wise, it was perfect. I don't think it lacked anything. The instrument variety was there, it kept things interesting. I liked the way the acoustic guitar and piano came in to create counterpoint at those very moments. It all works beautifully together.

Something that really bothered me is the mastering. The low frequencies all seemed mushed together and it made everything sound very muddy. I think you wanted to create an effect of power, however here it doesn't really work. You seriously need to EQ them out a bit! I think they are clashing with your double bass, too. I could barely hear it!

From what i understood however, you recorded a lot of those instruments yourself right? That's awesome! I loved the tremolo on the violins. They just add so much so musical compositions, yet a lot of people seem to forget about them! I don't really have a whole lot of money, and being a student, I lack time to learn how to play these instruments. If I ever do find it, I most certainly will! For now, I mostly work digitally. I think it's awesome you're playing all the instruments live! I saw the video and yeah. Awesome stuff.

My only suggestion at this point is you try and work on your mastering. The mix was definitely muddy and didn't sound crisp and clear as one would expect. Lower the levels on your drums, make them a tad higher on your violin, add some EQ to add some sparkle (try it on instruments and percussion!). Mastering is though, you'll need to keep a balance while also trying not to squash away the dynamics. I'm still learning too, don't worry! The more you practice, the better you'll get.

I think you did a wonderful job on this. Definitely needs some work on the mastering, but globally the piece is well thought and well put together. Props to you my friend~!

Basset-Hound responds:

Hey Thanks for the review! I really appreciate it. You are right about the EQing/Mastering on the track being the main weak point (along with a few sharp notes here and there).

This was one of my first multi-track recordings where I used almost all the instruments I owned (along with some brand new ones like the flutes and the french horn) so there was a lot of experimenting with how to record those things and mix them. It was my first time mixing a massive song like this so it was very hard. I still think recording, mixing and mastering is one of the things I should work on but I can also see improvement in my newer recordings so its going somewhere :)

Thanks for the review and tips :)

Nice Penthouse, Yeah!!! Nice Penthouse, Yeah!!!

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This is some pretty interesting stuff! I randomly stumbled upon this song and I must say I really like it! I'll try to leave a constructive review, but please take my review for what it's worth: it's my opinion and only mine! :)

From the first few seconds, a beautiful sense of happiness radiates from within. It just... shine. What else can I say? It feels happy~ and warm. The few notes that come in that arpegiated pattern really give it an upbeat feel.

The song was pretty well structured. It had an intro, a chorus, a breakdown, a second twist on the chorus, and an outro. Nothing really felt out of place either, perhaps the main synth (00:17) was a tiny bit too heavy for this kind of track, but that's just my opinion!

Speaking of synths, I really liked the synth work. They just gave that feeling of happiness, and very well, too! I enjoyed the multiple synths coming in from both sides to play harmonising notes. I also felt it was a bit short... not too bothering but still I wished it was longer!

On a whole, this song just screams out: life is great! My personal life was pretty... shaken up. I had lots of issues and up until recently I haven't been feeling too great. I am currently recovering from wounds, and your song, even though it was small and minimal, helped me brighten up my day. So to that, I say thank you.... thank you.

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DreamForecast responds:

Thank you very much for your review! I really liked a lot of the things you pointed out, like song length and the synth being too heavy. I'll definitely take all those into consideration for future songs, so thank you very much again! Constructive-ism-whatever is the best. ; )

And I'm so glad you enjoyed the song. And I'm even more glad that it's helped brightened your day somehow. : D